The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for general law enforcement in the county, operating the jail, providing security, carrying out the orders of the courts, as well as serving civil papers and processes for the county.

  • Responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s Department, members of this Division include…

    • Handles phone calls related to public safety
    • Answers dispatch for emergency and non-emergency calls in Richmond County
    • Provides courteous, professional, consistent responses related to public safety
    • Serves (or officially delivers) legal documents such as summons, warrants of eviction, income executions, family court matters, etc on behalf of civil law enforcement as well as for civilians
  • The Criminal Division helps local police with technical aspects of their investigations. Sheriff’s Deputies assist local police at crime and traffic accident scenes, most often by taking photographs and gathering forensic evidence, such as fingerprints or hair and blood samples.

    The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is equipped to handle the entire crime scene process from investigation, preparation and analysis, to identification.

  • The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is committed to the investigation of all criminal activity. The Criminal Investigations Division not only specializes in conducting broad based investigations, but also processing crime scenes, conducting surveillance and undercover operations. The Division also maintains the database on all Sexual Predators/Offenders that reside in Richmond County.

    The Criminal Investigation Division is divided into three major sections, some of which encompass smaller subsections:

    Property Crimes – burglary, larceny, metal theft and motor vehicle theft units
    Technical Crimes – forgery, identity theft, and financial transaction card fraud
    Violent Crimes – robbery, assault, sexual assaults, domestic violence, and missing persons

  • The Patrol Division is the largest division within the Sheriff’s Office. It maintains the School Resource Deputies, Courthouse Operations (such as the Bailiff), Transportation and Civil Process service. Additionally, there are several specialized teams such as Training and K-9.

    The Patrol Division maintains a safe and orderly environment for citizens and visitors in all areas of Richmond County. When assistance is requested of the Sheriff’s Office, the first Deputy responding will most likely be a member of the Patrol Division.

    • Provide a safe and secure environment for inmates and staff
    • Provide jail programs that help inmates with their reorientation to society
    • Enhance professionalism of our staff through training and educational programs
    • Investigation, apprehension and prosecution of illegal narcotic dealers and users
    • Works to stop any and all kinds of illegal vice activities such as prostitution, illegal gambling, etc.
    • Squad investigations include undercover buys, search warrants, reverse sale operations, mid-level drug investigations
    • Works closely with local, state and federal agencies to rid Richmond County of persons and crimes associated with illegal drug activities
    • Relies on intelligence sources like the Patrol Division and Crime Stoppers Tips from citizens that are concerned for the safely and well-being of Richmond County, North Carolina