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Animal Enforcement

The Animal Enforcement Unit of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is staffed by three (3) sworn deputies. The Animal Enforcement Unit is responsible for the enforcement of County Ordinances and State Statutes which relate to animals for the entire county area of Richmond County.

About the Animal Services Unit

These deputies’ duties range from:

  • Animal bites
  • Investigating cruelty or improper care complaints
  • Investigation of animal nuisance complaints
  • Picking up sick or injured domestic animals
  • Picking up stray animals
  • Rabies control
Animal Enforcement deputies are responsible for the education of pet owners within the county on responsible pet ownership, which is a primary mission of the unit, along with public health and safety.

The Animal Services Unit works closely with the Humane Society of Richmond County, located at:
529 W US 74 Highway
Rockingham, NC 28379

This is the holding facility for all animals impounded by the Animal Enforcement Units and strays brought in by the public.

Other Responsibilities

Animal Enforcement Unit deputies also respond as needed to calls for service by the public or other deputies of the Richmond County Sheriff or other law enforcement agencies.

More Information

For more information on ordinances enforceable within Richmond County, view the Animal Enforcement Ordinance (PDF). For more information on laws within the State of North Carolina related to animals: