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Communications Division

Dispatchers, with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, are responsible for and receive emergency and non-emergency telephone calls from the public for law enforcement needs as well as for other emergency services, such as animal complaints and civil needs. Dispatchers are trained to determine the nature of the call and to professionally dispatch the needed information for deputies to respond to a call for service in a timely manner.


Dispatchers also monitor radio communications, maintain contact with Sheriff’s Office patrol units to track officer status and respond to the communications by deputies of the need for additional resources, as well as monitors various radio channels to keep abreast of county-wide police activities affecting the county and, if the need arises, communicate with deputies the need to assist other agencies with mutual aid.

Dispatchers prioritize requests for service and other public safety services and determine the availability and location of patrol units, transmits the required information in an appropriate manner, and dispatches Sheriff’s Office personnel in response to calls. The dispatcher also assists deputies in the field by quickly and accurately researching and relaying needed and requested information.


Dispatchers are available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week.


Communications Division

Phone: (910) 895-3232
Toll Free: (800) 672-3373
Fax: (910) 997-8384
Emergency Phone: 9-1-1