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1 Court Street

Rockingham, North Carolina 28379

(910) 997-8265


The Richmond County Detention Center is responsible for the care, control, and custody of all inmates contained therein and the safety of staff and visitors. No inmate is held except by court order or by other lawful authority.  We respect the constitutional rights of all citizens and strive to make this facility a safe and secure place for all.  Inmates are treated humanely and respectfully, and in return are expected to treat staff, visitors, and other inmates courteously and respectfully.

Inmate Court Date Information

Information related to upcoming court dates for inmates may be found on the NC Court System website at  Do not call the Richmond County Detention Center to request information on upcoming inmate court dates. If you need to obtain additional information about an inmate’s court dates or the court process, you can contact the Richmond County Clerk of Court at 910-419-7400 or the inmate’s attorney.

An inmate’s PRIMARY source of information related to their criminal case is their attorney. Inmates may write a letter to their attorney to be mailed from the detention center using proper mailing procedures.  Inmates may also write a letter to their attorney and provide it to the detention officers during security rounds.  Any letter provided to detention officers by inmates will be delivered to the Richmond County Judicial Center and will be turned over to the Clerk of Courts office and then forwarded to their attorney.

Bonding Process

Once an individual is arrested and brought before a judicial official (Judge or Magistrate), the Conditions of Release (bond) is set by that official. These conditions must be met for that person to be released from custody prior to their court date. If a person has a secured bond, that amount can be satisfied in one of three ways:


Paying the full amount of the bond in cash to the Magistrate or the Clerk of Superior Court as a promissory measure to guarantee their appearance at all court dates for that particular case (the full amount is returned if the defendant is present at all court proceedings once the case is fully disposed of)


A Richmond County landowner may use property, of adequate value, they own as a guarantee against the defendant to ensure their appearance at all court dates. Please understand that there may be other procedures to follow pending on the bond amount. In some bond amounts, a deed search may have to be conducted in order to use land.


A bondsman may be contacted to post a bond for the defendant. Bonding agencies generally charge a fee of no greater than 15% of the bond total as a non-returnable service fee. These fees may vary for different bonding agencies. A current list of Bonding Agencies in Richmond County may be obtained from the internet or are available to you upon processing into the Richmond County Detention Center. Please note that Detention Officers are not allowed to recommend bonding agencies.

Contact Information of Bail Bondsmen

The bondsmen listed below are licensed to make bonds in Richmond County.  Other bondsmen may be added upon request AND upon providing verification that they are REGISTERED to lawfully make bonds in Richmond County.  Any UPDATED information such as address or additional runners to the present list will be made upon request and, after review and approval of documentation by the Jail Administrator, an updated list will be made and dispersed.

Detention Center staff are PROHIBITED from making suggestions or recommendations.

Any certified and bonded bondmen may request to be added to the listing of authorized and/or published bondsmen at the Richmond County Jail.  Please direct all requests with a copy of appropriate documentation to: Lieutenant David Wall, Richmond County Jail Administrator, 01 Court Street, Rockingham, NC 28379 at

Burr Bail Bonding

Aaron Hill: (704) 690-5593

David Burr: (910) 895-9299

The PLUG Bail Bonding

Smackie: (910) 461-8131

Big Red Bail Bond

Martinique, “Big Red” Hart:

(704) 302-6462

Morrison Bail Bonding

Russell Morrison: (910) 984-7583

*Bonds $1000 or more


Doug’s Bail Bonding

Doug Brown: (910) 206-5451

OFFICE: (910) 817-7201

Dark Knight Bail Bonds

James DeWitt, Jr (NC)

Toll Free: (866) 480-9636

Phone: (704) 408-5636

Phone: (910) 603-8121



Charlotte, NC

Jason Coston:

(704) 891-5466

Unlock Me Bail Bonding

Ralph Young, Agent:

(980) 269-0065

* 24 Hours @ DA

Lloyd Rainwater Bonding

Office: (910) 410-9780

Blair Bail Bonding

Cell: (919) 808-2245

Angel Bail Bonds

Susie Hyatt: (704) 900-9728

No Holds Bail Bonds

Latell Brice: (704) 907-4162

Alpha Bail Bonding

Marty: (910) 217-1437



Shelton Leake Bonding

(704) 281-2234

Wall’s Bail Bondsman

(336) 301-6556

(910) 220-4943


Action Bail Bond

Nikki: (919) 478-2424

Office: (919) 478-7064

Lucky 7 Bail Bonds, Inc

Office: (910) 947-7077

Home: (336) 333-0063

Cell: (919) 398-4570

Across the Street Bail Bonds

Stephon Johnson

Cell: (910) 715-1727

 T&M Bailbonds

Tykirah Ellerbe

(704) 314-7265


Richmond County Sheriff’s Office

114 W. Franklin Street, Suite 105

Rockingham, NC 28379

Main: (910) 895-3232

Fax: (910) 997-8387                                                                                                             

Richmond County Jail

1 Court Street

Rockingham. NC 28379

Main: (910) 997-8265

Fax: (910) 997-8262

Rockingham Police Department

311 E. Franklin Street

Rockingham, NC 28379

Main: (910) 895-2468


Hamlet Police Department

201 W. Main Street

Hamlet, NC 28345

Main: (910) 582- 2551


The Richmond County Detention Center uses McDaniel Supply Company,, to supply commissary services for inmates.  This facility ID# related to McDaniel Supply Company is 2028.  Inmates are allowed to make commissary purchases, via kiosks located within the cell block areas for snacks, hygiene, clothing, writing, and OTC medications, etc., or, as of June 20, 2023, for access to movies, music, or text messaging via the InteleMESSAGE app via the Paytel inmate tablets.

Family and friends may apply funds to an inmate’s Inmate Trust Fund Account by using cash, credit cards, or debit cards to deposit money into an inmate's account by using the kiosk located in the lobby of the main Jail at 1 Court Street, Rockingham, NC 28379. This kiosk is open for use, 7 days a week 24 hours a day. A transaction fee of $3.00 is deducted from the total amount of cash deposited, Credit or Debit card deposits are on a variable scale for deductions, and a receipt is printed from the kiosk. The money is immediately added to the inmate's account.

Inmates may also receive funds directly into their account over the Internet via credit card transactions with McDaniel Supply Company. In order to deposit funds through McDaniel, have the inmate's name or inmate ID number. To obtain an inmate's id number please look at the current inmate list by logging onto the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office website, at and selecting the “Inmate Information” link or logging in directly at You will find the inmate id number, under their inmate information. McDaniel's will send a confirming receipt to the email address supplied. To deposit money through McDaniel Supply Company log onto their website at

Family and friends are allowed to purchase gift packages through the McDaniel Supply Company website, which will be delivered to the inmate during normal commissary deliveries.  Any discrepancy or problems with any gift package orders must be resolved by the person who ordered the gift package with McDaniel Supply Company directly and not with the detention center.

Any inmate who is released prior to delivery of commissary and/or gift packages must arrange for the commissary to be picked up within 48 hours or the commissary may be discarded.


Pursuant to established HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws, detention staff of the Richmond County Detention Center will not provide protected health information related to an inmate without a prior properly signed and filed HIPPA waiver from an inmate.



The Richmond County Detention Center, as of June 27, 2023, is implementing the use of a mail scanning service through Paytel, InteleSCAN, for all non-legal inmate mail.

LEGAL MAIL will be the ONLY mail accepted at the Richmond County Detention Center for inmates.

Publications from individuals or other mailings will be returned to the sender. ALL other general incoming mail must be sent through the Paytel InteleSCAN mail system. The requirements and restrictions are set by Paytel InteleSCAN. 

The envelope must have a complete, legible return address including the sender’s first and last name or the mail will NOT be scanned. Facility Name, State, Inmate Name, and Inmate ID Number (The Inmate ID number may be obtained from the inmate) are REQUIRED, or the mail will NOT be processed or scanned. Please print all the information clearly.

All Mail should be addressed to:

Inmate Name, Inmate #
Facility ID# 5170
P.O. Box 18247
Greensboro, North Carolina 28379

The facility ID# for the Richmond County Jail related to Paytel is 5170.

Envelopes of Non-LEGAL MAIL being sent to an inmate should appear as the following example:

Document (5)

Any mail, message, or photo that portrays violence, pornography, illegal activity, or any act, symbol, or item that may compromise the safety, security, or proper order of this facility will be rejected and will not be delivered to the inmate.

ALL general mail sent to the detention center for an inmate will be Returned to Sender.

Publications from individuals, corporations, and/or other mailings will be Returned to Sender.

All other incoming mail sent to an inmate confined at the Richmond County Detention Center is to be mailed to an outside Paytel facility to be scanned and sent electronically to the detention center using the Paytel InteleSCAN mail system.  Detention center staff will review the mail and once approved it will be sent to the inmate tablets.  Once logged into your account on the tablet, notification of new incoming mail will be visible, and the mail can be read. This facility will not send mail to or receive mail from any inmate at any correctional facility.  Additionally, inmates at the Richmond County Detention Center will not be permitted to send or receive mail from any other inmate incarcerated at the same facility.

Indigent Writing Kits are available if an inmate qualifies as indigent and is requesting indigent mail services. Indigent inmates cannot send out mail for another inmate.


  • Mail arriving with postage due will be refused and returned to the sender if possible.
  • Mail must be 10 pages or less per envelope.
  • Page size must be no larger than 8.5” x 11”.
  • Mail can include written or typed pages, photos, drawings, or greeting cards. (NO polaroid photos.)
  • NO glitter, glue, tape, 3D elements, or electronic components (lights, music, animation).
  • NO items containing, depicting, or relating to sexually explicit activity, gang activity, illegal activity, 
  • violence, drug, or alcohol use, etc.
  • NO photos of nude or partially clothed persons.
  • NO illegal substances or any other items considered to be contraband.
  • NO magazines, books, or packages mailed to the mail processing center.
  • NO cash, personal checks, or money orders mailed to the mail processing center.
  • NO originals of important documents such as Birth Certificates, Driver’s Licenses, Social Security
  • Cards, Green Cards, etc., as they will not be returned.
  • NO original photos or other irreplaceable or valuable items, as they will not be returned.
  • Do not mail legal/privileged mail to the mail processing center. See the instructions below for 
  • Legal/Privileged Mail.
All scanned mail containing materials considered illegal or breaches of security will be turned over to the proper authorities for investigation.  Any threats of criminal activity will not be permitted in any correspondence and may result in criminal charges.

NO personal mail will be accepted at the Richmond County Detention Center for inmates.


“LEGAL MAIL”, as of June 27, 2023, will be the ONLY mail accepted as incoming mail at the Richmond County Detention Center for inmates. LEGAL MAIL is correspondence or legal materials being mailed from ONLY from your ATTORNEY OR OTHER GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES and must be marked "LEGAL MAIL."

LEGAL MAIL MUST be mailed to the Richmond County Detention Center by using a CUSTOM BUSINESS ENVELOPE bearing the name of the attorney or other governmental agency. LEGAL MAIL must be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service or be presented to the detention center by an attorney or other governmental agency ONLY.

LEGAL MAIL will be opened and examined for contraband by an officer in the presence of the inmate. Officers will remove all documents from the envelope and examine them for the presence of contraband. Fictitious LEGAL MAIL will not be accepted. We will not accept LEGAL MAIL as mail that states "LEGAL MAIL" written all over it. If a piece of LEGAL MAIL is opened by mistake, the Officer will provide the inmate with a reason the mail was opened and why it was opened but not read.

LEGAL MAIL must be mailed directly to the facility as the following example with the marking LEGAL MAIL:

Document (6)

Inmate Telephone Services

The Inmate Telephone Service provider is Paytel Communications ( Friends and family members will need to establish a pre-paid collect account with Pay Tel. Friends and family members can contact Paytel at (800) 729-8355 or visit to set up a new pre-paid collect account.

The per-minute calling rates can be found at: Click on “What’s my Cost?” Button.

Ways to Avoid Disconnection:

  1. Do not attempt 3-way calls
  2. Do not ask the called party to place the call on hold or transfer the call
  3. Encourage the called party to disable the call-waiting feature
  4. Do not tap on the phone receiver or manipulate the phone cord
  5. Do not press keys on the keypad during the call
  6.  A good connection is dependent on quality cell service connection 
To get answers to Frequently Asked Questions go to -

Inmate Video Visitation

ALL persons wanting to access the inmate video visitation system for the Richmond County Detention Center, regardless of being Remote or On-site, MUST register at PRIOR to scheduling a visitation with an inmate. If an inmate is not available or permitted to have a video visit, due to disciplinary or other reasons, you will not be allowed to schedule one. If an inmate is placed on disciplinary restrictions after a visit is scheduled, the visit will be canceled. It is the inmates’ responsibility to determine if there is a visit schedule for them by checking the video visitation kiosk located within the cell block housing areas of the Richmond County Detention Center. Any financial or technical questions, related to cost and/or payment or connectivity with the video visitation system, will be the responsibility of the visitor and they MUST access this assistance via There is no charge for registering as a visitor.  Registering as a visitor is not scheduling a visit, these are two separate steps. 
Screenshot 2024-02-09 154934


Before entering the Video visitation area at the Richmond County Detention Center, make sure to leave your cell phone, purses, or any large bag in your vehicle. If you are being dropped off and cannot leave your items in your vehicle then allow the Detention Officers to hold onto the items for you, the Detention Center is NOT responsible for lost items. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing for Video visitation and be mindful that there are children that come to visit. If the detention officer deems that your clothing is too inappropriate, they may ask you to cover up before allowing you a visit. Make sure you have a state-issued ID, and it has to be in date. If the ID is expired, you will not be allowed to visit.


  1. The account must be set up in the legal name of the primary visitor. This person is responsible for the payment of the visit and the behavior of everyone in the visit.
  2. If you are sent a warning during your visit, obey it. Arguing/complaining will not change the policy.
  3. Verify that you have a governmental identification card (driver's license or ID card) with you to allow for verification if required. If you are requested to show your ID card during a video visitation and fail to do so, the visit may be canceled. 
  4. Everyone participating in the visit must be in view of the camera.
  5. Unauthorized communication between inmates is not allowed.
  6. Do not use or display drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  7. Do not display guns, violent imagery, or gang-related clothing/symbols.
  8. Do not operate a motor vehicle while visiting.
  9. Do not display pornographic images.
  10. No nudity of any kind.
  11. Do not visit without a parent or guardian if you are younger than 18 years old.
  12. Do not allow blocked visitors to use your account.
  13. Do not stream, record, or take pictures of your visit.
  14. Do not conduct third-party calls while visiting.
  15. The inmate you choose when scheduling is the only one who may attend your visit.
  16. IF a judicial official orders you and/or the inmate to have no contact do not schedule a visit.
  17. Do not allow children to be in view of the camera unless they are completely dressed.


Every effort will be made to accommodate Lawyers and other professional visitors needing or wanting to consult with their clients. However, requests to visit with an inmate at the Richmond County Detention Center should be communicated to the jail at least 24 hours in advance.  Requests may be faxed to the jail at (910) 997-8262 or emailed to If you have difficulties please contact the Jail Administrator.

Professional visitors should be aware the least restrictive timing of a visit is between 12:00PM - 3:30PM Monday through Friday. Professional visits which may be needed outside of the normal timeframe require the authorization of the Sheriff or the Jail Administrator.

Restrictions to Professional visits may apply due to meals, sick call, facility emergencies, mass arrests, and events beyond the control of facility management.

Unless accompanied by the inmate’s attorney, paraprofessional aides must also produce a letter signed by the attorney authorizing visitation with the inmate. Such authorization must be on the attorney’s official letterhead and must contain the inmate’s name, the court jurisdiction, case number, the full name of the person or persons authorized to visit with the inmate, and the signature of the attorney. Paraprofessionals must produce this authorization during each visit.

Professional visitors will not give any item to an inmate (to be retained in the inmate’s possession when the visitor leaves) without the expressed permission of a detention officer. For example, a visitor may “loan” an ink pen so an inmate can sign a document but may not “give” it to the inmate and MUST retrieve the ink pen or other item from the inmate prior to ending the visit.

No recording devices of ANY kind are permitted in the Richmond County Detention Center without prior approval by the Jail Administrator.

All Professional visitors WILL be required to log their arrival and departure from the facility.

All visits MAY be ended, canceled, suspended, or denied by the Sheriff or Jail Administrator for cause, pursuant to the safety and security of the facility.


Every effort will be made to accommodate Chaplains and Pastors to have access to the inmates of the Richmond County Detention Center.  Chaplains and Pastors, with PRIOR notice, may visit inmates for a period of 1 hour on Saturday or Sunday between 1:00PM – 4:00PM.  All additional requests for access to inmates will be at the determination and approval of the Jail Administrator and must be made with PRIOR notice, usually 24 hours prior to the requested visit.

Chaplains or Pastor visitors will not give any item to an inmate (to be retained in the inmate’s possession when the visitor leaves) without the expressed permission of a detention officer.

No recording devices of ANY kind are permitted in the Richmond County Detention Center without prior approval by the Jail Administrator.

All Chaplain and Pastor visitors WILL be required to log their arrival and departure from the facility.

All visits MAY be ended, canceled, suspended, or denied by the Jail Administrator for cause, pursuant to the safety and security of the facility.


The Richmond County Detention Center, as of June 27, 2023, will initiate a tablet program and will deploy Paytel’s InteleTABLET to inmates, which provides the inmate population with a valuable and up-to-date way to continue strong family ties or to reconnect with family members. InteleTABLET offers inmates a wide variety of educational and reentry resources specifically designed to provide a path toward successful reintegration into society. The tablets and content are provided at no cost to the Sheriff’s Office by Paytel Communications.   The tablets provide a number of features for the inmates in the Detention Center including a Lending Library, Law Library, Electronic Messaging, and an Entertainment Package which includes movies, TV shows, music, and games.

The core of the tablet program is the Pathway to Achieve Learning Management system: a holistic approach to empowerment, improvement, and stronger communities through education. The inmate begins their journey by completing a comprehensive Risk/Needs assessment that will guide them to meaningful courses in categories such as:

  • Addiction Recovery
    • Opioid Addiction
    • Alcohol Addiction
    • 12 Steps to Recovery
  • Anger Management
  • Changing Your Thinking
  • Religious and Spiritual
  • Parenting and Family Social Relationships
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Life Skills
  • Financial Literacy
  • GED Prep
  • Reading and Literacy
  • Career Exploration
  • Vocational and Job Skills
  • College Prep
Pathway to Achieve Learning Management System is available to all inmates free of charge. The program utilizes an incentive-based model so that inmates who successfully complete courses and knowledge tests are rewarded with credits that can be used for Entertainment such as music, movies, and games. There are over 1000 courses currently available to inmates with new coursework added continuously. Once completed, inmates can share their certificates and transcripts with family and friends.


The inteleTABLET offers inmates access to the CareerOneStop website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor which provides inmates with a source for career exploration, training & jobs. Access to CareerOneStop is provided free of charge to every inmate and is specifically designed to help individuals with a criminal record obtain employment.


The InteleTABLET offers inmates access to watch recorded religious sermons and inspirational presentations. There are currently over 90 videos of faith-based content. The library contains The Holy Bible and the Quran as well as religious books on a wide variety of faiths including Judaism, Buddhism, and Mormonism


The Detention Center also worked with the Father 365 / Man2Man program and Paytel Communications to have the Father 365 program added to the InteleTABLET menu.


InteleMESSAGE is the Inmate Messaging Service used by the Richmond County Detention Center.  The provider is Paytel Communications ( To use this service, friends and family members will need to establish a pre-paid collect account with Paytel. Friends and family members can contact Paytel at 800-729-8355 or visit to set up a new pre-paid collect account.

Messages are delivered in real-time & are less expensive and quicker than mailing a letter! There is a 1000-character limit for each message which equates to 2-3 typed pages.

The Inmate can send messages one of two ways:

  1. Pre-Paid by using their phone debit account
  2. Collect where the Family & Friends will pay to read the message from their Pre-Paid account

Monitoring/Recording/Electronic Surveillance

  1. All communications to or from an inmate tablet or other activities on or with an inmate tablet will be monitored and/or recorded. 
Prohibited Inmate initiated calls/messaging/contact

  1. Any minor unless approved in writing by a parent or legal guardian, if the minor is not a legal custodian/dependent of the inmate 
  2. Any victim of the crime for which the inmate is incarcerated unless permitted by court decree 
  3. Any co-defendant of the inmate unless permitted by court decree 
  4. Any member of the general public who requests to have their telephone number call blocked or email address blocked. 
  5. Any judge, justice official, prosecutor, or court administrator without their prior written approval. 
  6. Any local county, state, or federal correctional facility or an inmate housed there without the prior written approval of officials at both facilities. 
  7. All 800 numbers, 900 numbers, and emergency numbers (i.e., 911) 
  8. Three-way calling and call-forwarding 
  9. Call waiting 
  10. Calls through multiple long-distance carriers.