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K-9 Unit

Dog and car
K-9 Unit Deputies, sometime referred to as K-9 Deputies, perform some of the same duties and tasks as other deputies. They patrol the community to prevent and respond to crimes, perform investigations, locate and arrest perpetrators and guard prisoners. Some of the differences for the K-9 Unit Deputies come in the form of the care they give their canine partners, including grooming, feeding and caring for their health.

Working in Scenarios

More importantly, deputies paired with canines must work with them in a variety of scenarios, such as searching for weapons, missing persons, narcotics and other various articles. K-9 Unit Deputies must make sure that their dogs are obedient and follow commands both on and off of the leash, and that they are capable of performing a building search as well as a search for lost and missing persons and felons. In the event that a piece of evidence is lost, a K-9 Unit Deputy may work with the dog to search for it. The canines also protect deputies from attacks, so they must be trained and handled to maintain the right level of aggression without becoming overly violent.

In Harms Way for Your Safety

K-9 Unit Deputies are often called upon to put themselves in harms way with their K-9 to assist with various searches and entry activities. The K-9 Unit deputies and canines with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office build a trusting bond and learn to trust each other in often high stress situations.